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Online Giving Instructions:
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To designate an Endowment gift online please click the button above. At the bottom of the new page, please click on the grey Donate button. After entering donation amount and filling out your information, write in the Comments section to designate gifts of memoriam, in honor of, general endowment fund or named funds.

What is an endowment?  An Endowment is a fund of money the principal of which is held in perpetuity and invested, and from which an organization may use only the return on investment.  A strong endowment provides an income stream that allows us to meet our commitments and plan for the future without interruption.  It allows us to run a world-class orchestra, maintain excellent education and community initiatives, and offer outstanding concerts year-round.

The purpose in increasing the Springfield Symphony Endowment fund is to help fill the gap between revenue and expenses and to provide the means to pursue new opportunities by developing programs.  The income generated by our endowment is already making a positive impact on our operations, and has the potential of providing us with long-term sustainability. 

Planned Gifts

To help ensure the future of the Orchestra, consider making a bequest to the Springfield Symphony.  By having the Orchestra in your Will, you can commemorate the inspiration and enjoyment that the Symphony has given you over the years.  Your generous contribution will help us continue to bring the pleasure of music to many future generations.  Donations that come to the Orchestra from a Bequest are invested in the Springfield Symphony Endowment and the interest earned annually from these funds is used in support of the Orchestra.  Therefore the money lives on forever providing funds for the sustaining of the Orchestra and educational outreach programs.


Memorial and Tributes

Memorial gifts and Tributes are a heartwarming way of remembering and honoring friends and family through their love of the Springfield Symphony. These gifts help ensure the Springfield Symphony Orchestra to provides the highest level of symphonic music and music education to all of Southwest Missouri. The following people have graciously made recent contributions to the Springfield Symphony in memory or honor of the following people:    

Memorial Gifts

In Memory of Dr. Leo T. Neu, Jr. 
Commerce Bank 
In Memory of John Gerdes 
Dr. Jay Milne 

As of 9/22/21