SSO Musicians' Relief Fund

SSO Musicians' Relief Fund

While we are all navigating challenges related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), musical artists like our orchestra members face additional uncertainty. Can you help them through this crisis?

Since 1943, the Springfield Symphony Orchestra(SSO) has paid our musicians. Now with 71 orchestra musicians, we have even more individuals to contribute to our musical community. Many of them rely on many gigs and events to earn financial contributions. Upon your choice during these unfortunate times, you donate your single ticket to any cancelled concert back to your Symphony and a contribution will be made in your name to the SSO Musicians’ Relief Fund. This directly benefits our players who lost work when those concerts were cancelled. Will your name be added to the list of dedicated audience members who are supporting SSO musicians at this difficult time?

Our goal is to raise enough money to pay them in full or in part for the concert(s) we have had to cancel. Thank you in advance for helping to support our wonderful musicians.

Please fill out this form or email [email protected] to donate your single ticket to the SSO Musicians’ Relief Fund.

Want to support our musicians more? Make a cash contribution to the fund!

SSO musicians bring joy & inspiration to countless lives with their amazing artistic integrity throughout Southwest Missouri. Join us in supporting them now when they need it the most!

Contact Connie Bell, Executive Assistant,  or visit this link and add a note saying "I would like to contribute to the SSO Musicians' Relief Fund" to contribute to the SSO Musician's Relief Fund.
Contact Info: [email protected]

Your donation is fully tax deductible. We will send you a donation acknowledgement letter and recognize on our website your ticket donation to support the SSO musicians.