Individual Giving

The Springfield Symphony is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that relies on donations from generous businesses and community members like you to continue bringing the beauty of live, symphonic music to Southwest Missouri and to continue hosting free, community education and outreach events throughout the area.  You can make a secure donation to the Springfield Symphony from your credit card, debit card or PayPal account by clicking the donate button below, or you can donate by mail or directly through the Symphony office at 411 N. Sherman Parkway.  All donations are tax deductible.  Please call the Symphony office at (417) 864-6683 if you have any questions or would like more information.

How to Give

  • Gifts of:
  • IRA Required Minimum Distributions (RMD):  You may avoid being taxed on your annual RMD (up to $100,000) if you make the distribution directly to the Symphony.
  • Gifts of Appreciated Stock:  You may give appreciated stock to the Symphony and avoid capital gains tax.  Please call the Symphony office at (417) 864-6683 for instructions on how to transfer stock to the Symphony.
  • Check:  If you prefer to give your support by check, please make your check payable to the Springfield Symphony Association.
  • Credit/Debit Card:
    or call the Symphony office at (417) 864-6683

Annual Gifts/Sponsorships of $1,500 and above include donor benefits such as:

  • Invitations to Intermezzo & Afterglow, VIP receptions during intermission and post-concert with hors d'oeuvres, wine and beverages, Maestro Pickett, Guest Artist and orchestra members
  • Complimentary Symphony tickets
  • Special Acknowledgements & Advertising opportunities

Springfield Symphony 2019-2020 Individual Gifts

Maestro ($25,000+)

Judith A. Beisner


Conductor ($10,000 to $24,999)

1 Year Gift

The Cook Family Foundation
Judith Enyeart Reynolds


Concertmaster ($5,000 to $9,999)

1 Year Gift

Margo S. Armstrong
Stephen and Linda Paganini Brite
Barbara Brockschmidt
Dr. Mark Chambers and Mr. Rick Albaugh
Judy Hellam
Dwayne and Beth Holden
Bill and Debbie Nesbitt
Mrs. Linda Overend
John and Beverly Young


Concerto ($2,500 to $4,999)
5 Year Gift of $1,000 to $2,500

Phillips and Barbara Cook Hall

1 Year Gift

Margaret Blackwood
Adam Chekoudjian
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Clarke
Irwin and Susan Cohen
Ann Hall
Todd and Mandi Hill
Barbara Rae Hughes
Greg and Judy McManus
Bryan and Amber Musgrave
Bill and Camille Ricketts
Robert and Jame Trussell
Mr. and Mrs. Dee Wampler


Overture ($1,000 to $2,499)

1 Year Gift

David and Raylene Appleby
Tony and Jan Atkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brewer
Jo Ann Buckner
Carol Cook
Regina and William Cooper
Ed and Vicki Donnell
Mr. Derek Fraley
Dr. John and Carolyn Gerdes
Ms. Mary Belle Graham
Mark H. Grimm, MD
Sam and June Hamra
Clovis and Eloise Haubein
Sarah A. Hitesman
Dr. and Mrs. Fon Huang
John W. Hunt, PhD and Karen L. Hunt
Jim and Marilyn Johnson
Bob and Pat Johnson
Jill Layman
Bryan and Chris Magers
William D. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Neal
Mr. Leo T. Neu, Jr.
Becky Overend
John and Erin Palicki
Mr. Ned Reynolds
Michael and Karen Schneider
Bonnie Shackter
Dr. Megan Rooney and Mr. Josh Thompson
The Tesch Family and Erika Martin
Letty VanKleeck
Dr. and Mrs. Yates Trotter
Dr. and Mrs. Courtnee Whitlock


Sponsor ($500 to $999)

1 Year Gift

Dr. Donald and Nancy Back
Dr. and Mrs. Lanny R. Brent
Bryan and Gayle Brooker
Mrs. Patti Brooks
Peggy Dickens
Judy Everett
Monika Feeney
Milton and Judy Folkins
William, Crista and Sam Garvin
Gary Garwitz
Jeff and Piki Hays
Brandy Hickman
Cynthia Hollander
Sandy Hopper
Ms. Karen Horny
Donna J. Howell
Robert and Alice Lunn
Peter R. Marcellus
Rick and Jane McElvaine
Terry Meek
Bruce Moore
Doug Nickell
Rose Mary Owens
Walter Pettit
Ms. Kay Ratten
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Roller
Clark and Karen Selby
Matt Sibert
Drs. Gary Soderberg and Loretta Knutson
Mr. Vic Struart
James Swafford
Judge and Mrs. J Miles Sweeney
Jeana Varney


Patron ($250 to $499)

3 Year Gift

Col. (Ret.) Carl L. and Linda Boswell
Vince and Melody Gengler


1 Year Gift

Norman Abrams
Steven Atmood
Greg and Cheryl Beck
Rebecca Bell
Starla Blair
Brent Bolyard
Ray and Karen Burmood
Kristin and Ronald Butler
Dr. Lynn and Betty Carlton
Doug Chowning 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cowart
Anne M. Cox
Deborah Cox
Mr. and Mrs. William Darr
Peggy G. Dickins
John W. Donald
Harry L. and Suzanne Ellis
Phillip R. Garrison
Aija Gotti
Betty (Ghormley) Gurnoe
Dr. Bud and Betty Greve
Earl R. Hackett, M.D.
Robert and Barbara Hays
Mr. T. Salveter III and Mrs. B. Hogan
David and Sally Jenkins
Will Johnson
Ms. Dorothy Joslyn
Mr. and Mrs. David Kean
Shane Koehler
Donald D. Landon
Ms. Peggy Day Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Luzecky
Joseph Machatschek
Ms. Joan Menchetti
Joyce Minasian
Tim Parrish
Dan Scott
Don Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Stalder
Loyette Swanson
Judy Thompson
Mrs. Carol Thornsberry
Ilga Vise
Mark Walker
Mark Walker
Rick Williams
Dan and Mary Zimmerman


Friend($1 to $249)

2 Year Gift

Dr. and Mrs. Francis Corry


1 Year Gift

Anonymous (In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Clovis Haubein)
Tod Adamo
Benjamin Allen
Jim and Janet Anderson Family Fund
Richard Asinger (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Andrew Baker 
Jean Bardy
Dale Beck
Marjorie Berg (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Lauren Bicknell
Glenda Blevins
Mr. Glenn and Judge Becky J.W. Borthwick
William B. Bowman
Joshua Brown
William and Ester Bultas
Nancy Campbell (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Melissa Coller and Steve Kronberger
Hunter Cox
Tina Crite (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Beau Culbertson
George and Mary Ann Cyr
Dwight and Pamela Davis
Wendy Dressler
Don Elmer
Leslie Erickson (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Rebecca Farris (In memory of Pat Johnson)
Ms. Rose Marie Fellin
G. Fikkema (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Scott Foley
Dr. Michael and Barbara Gentry
John and Elsa Gray (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Mr. and Mrs. James Hamilton
Sandra Hart
Penny Hatcher (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hemingway
Charles Hill
Joe and Linda Hills 
Susan Holliday (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Bob and Janet Hopkins
Dan Horton
Dory Hyde (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Dave and Tammy Jahnke
Linda and Jerry Jared
Connie Johnson
M. L. Johnson (In memory of Pat Johnson)
Cameron Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Krueger
Charles Lansford
Nicholas Lazzara
Dara Lindsay
Laura Lyford
Ruth Marshall
Thomas and Evelyn Mangan
Abe McGull and Krista Hogan
Doug and Susan McNeal
Donna M. Murney
Debra Murray
Jon Nance
Ms. Sue Norris
Ruth Peñaherrera-Norton 
Richard Pankiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Peabody (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Catherine Pattinari (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Rene and Elsie Pingenot
Brett Quesenberry
Willis Reddick
John and Marcia Savage (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Roger Sewell (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Charlie and Mary Slavek (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Spence
John and Darline Steinberg
D & J Stenglein ((In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Dale Stoffel
Al Stromberg (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Janet Thomas
Bob and Dorothy Thurman
Carl Tidgren (In memory of Pat Johnson)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Titus 
Thomas Torborg (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Rachel Velasco
Kyla Wahlstrom (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Mr. and Mrs. Dee Wampler
Brandon and Courtney Weiss
Ms. Mary Lou Wilhite
Mr. and Mrs. Arvin Williams
Joyce Wise (In memory of Pat Johnson)
Dr. and Mrs. Micheal B. Wooten
Carolyn Wright (In memory of Bruce Hyde)
Dusty Young


*as of 1/31/20