More than 2,000 fourth-graders attend Springfield Symphony’s 54th Annual Young People’s Concert

Springfield Symphony Orchestra
SSO Orchestra

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A violin was a donkey; a bass, an elephant.

On Jan. 23, more than 2,000 fourth-graders attended the Springfield Youth Symphony’s 54th Annual Young People’s Concert. The districtwide learning experience gives fourth-grade students from every school the opportunity to attend a live symphony performance, hosted at High Street Baptist Church.

“The Young People’s Concert is a great tradition of children and music,” said Kyle Pickett, music director and conductor of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra. “We’re so glad we get to play for you today.”

In a variety of pieces, students heard the interpretation of animals in the wild. From an aquarium to a roaring lion, this symphony music experience was a concert with a full orchestra, as well as an opportunity for students to engage with musicians, said Jessica Wagner, coordinator of fine arts.

“Today is a great example of how rich fine arts experience impacts student achievement in so many ways,” said Wagner. “Following today’s performance, our teachers will discuss important elements of the musical experience with their students, integrating the performance with their learning. We’re grateful to the Springfield Symphony Orchestra for helping bring music to life for our learners.”

The Springfield Symphony works with Springfield Public Schools and the Springfield arts community as members of the Any Given Child program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Selected because of a demonstrated commitment to the improvement of education in and through the arts, the community participates in collaborative efforts to provide equity and access in arts education for all students.