Since its inception in 1956, the Springfield Symphony Guild has been a vital contributor to the Springfield Symphony's success. The mission of the Guild is to raise funds for the Springfield Symphony, to encourage a strong commitment to musical education, and to promote the appreciation of symphonic music. Through the Guild's many projects and the work of its many volunteers, it has provided major funding for the Symphony. In fact, the Guild has contributed more than half-a million dollars to the Symphony's budget, with an annual pledge of $10,000. In addition, the Guild helps bring musical opportunities to the youth of Southwest Missouri through its support of scholarship programs, music camp for high school students, and Young People's Concerts for area fourth grade students.

Membership in the Guild means being an important part of music making in our community, while working with a diverse group of people who share a common goal. If you are interested in contributing the Symphony's future and supporting education and outreach to area children through the Guild, contact the Guild's Vice President of membership, Patricia Cox at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Margie Arens

Jan Atkinson

Nancy Back

Jean Bardy

Judy Beisner

Janice Bennett

Starla Blair

Linda Boswell

Mary Elizabeth Bradley

Ermilou Bryan

Karen Burmood

Thelma Cohen

Carolyn Courtney

Laura Cowart

Walter Cowart

Patricia Cox

Deborah Cox-Hulgus

Kay Fulnecky

Nancy Gayer

Aija Gotti

Janet Griffen

Margaret Grooms

Jackie Harmon

Carol Harrison

Barbara Hays

Judy Hellam

Pearl Hershberger

Margaret Ann Hickman

Linda Hills

Janet Hopkins

David Jenkins

Sally Jenkins

Pat Johnson

Loretta Knutson

Jo Ann Krueger

Patricia LaFevre

Irma Leidig

Pat Lockhart

Alice Anne Long

Vicki Mitchell

Louise Morgan

Bettie Muse

Sundy Muse-Morton

Carolyn Nies

Connie Oller

Cheryl Ormsby

Linda Overend

Elizabeth Pace

Barbara Page

Karen Parry

Linda Peacock

Ruth Peñaherrera-Norton

Alice Wiley Pickett

Susan Rice

Camille Ricketts

Suzanne Rohman

Sally Scott

Jan Smith

Diane Stalder

Allison Steiner

Marjory Stephens

Janet Trotter

Judy Vanderbilt

Angelica Varga

Marilyn Vinson McAfee

Sheryl Wachter

Anne Wampler

Dee Wampler

Diana Weaver

Kenna Wiggins

Ann Woods

Norma Wortman

Judy Wyrick

Beverly Young

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