81st Season of the Springfield Symphony

Heroes and Legends…

…And Music. 

Music can depict a legend—it can be used to tell our greatest heroic narratives through song or symphonic portrait. 

Music can underscore a legend—it is used in film or onstage to evoke the emotions and signal the key themes of an adventurous story. 

Music and musicians can become legendary—the remarkable backstories of many masterworks of the symphonic repertoire, as well as the musical geniuses who composed them, have become legends in their own right. 

We are excited to present to you a season of Heroes and Legends at the Springfield Symphony. We have chosen works that celebrate heroes and tell epic stories and take you on their adventurous journeys. We will hear exciting stories of heroes from the battlefield, from outer space, from far-away lands, and even from right here at home.  

Music can transport us into the lives of our greatest heroes and stories, and let us become—for a night—part of the legend itself. 

Live the legend. Come to the Symphony.


Kyle Wiley Pickett

Music Director/Conductor, Springfield Symphony Orchestra

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